Session 6

Entomophobia strikes the paladin!!

Quick Recap

Party heads back to Tamaran, city has become mostly razmarian. Bow of doubling bought and Bracers of Collision kept. Travel to irefington to get a boat towards Skull Island. Boon and Coek are both guarded by razmarian guards, the trade routes are being overlooked. Irefington is not a razmarian city. Lyra’s been seeing a dancing light every now and then.

DM thoughts

It was fun to get back into it. The world is starting to feel a lot more organic, the players are seeing the razmarian cult grow in game. There was a lot of laughing and fun. Mostly a role playing session but it was very enjoying one as a DM. The players have many options right now, great to see them making decisions. I really can’t wait until the next session! :D

Memorable Moments

  • Lyra joins the group by simply walking towards Tamaran
  • Buying a warhammer is hard work!
  • Tannhauser breaks 30 damage in a single round
  • Riv, the pyromaniac
  • Skull Island is totally a scary name
  • Burning a man inside his armor… (disgusting Lyra!)
  • Ricorian is officially diagnosed with Arachnophobia and Entomophobia (Insectophobia)

(Exp for the session 1412.5 + 40)


Perpetual Perpetual

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