Session 4

Arachnophobia strikes the paladin

Quick Review

The heroes scope out the church and Ricorian is not allowed inside until he joins as a member, they speak with Reginar in the Great Feast Hall. It is learned the government needs incriminating evidence before they will interfere. The group decides to find an adventure while waiting those two days to join the church/cult; foot wrapping vines with mud covered bugbears, a cave with children bugbears and a giant spiderweb behind it, and a 10 legged spider with 6 eyes, thorns that extend when hit, fangs that eject, spit glue, pull a person to the spiders mouth then bites and drops the person 20 feet!. Ricorian left with -8hp and bleeding out after the spider was killed. Some items are found in the cave, with a note that indicated Kassen’s treasure is in the northern mountains. The heroes decide the church/cult can wait, getting rich is more important and prepare to head North!

DM thoughts

The game as usual, starts of slowly. I’m starting to think everyone (including me) just needs some time to get into character and get into it, but once it started picking up it was great. The spider that almost killed Ricorian was much more exciting than I had expected it to be. It was meant to be a challenging encounter, which I feel it did it’s job. I think once Riv has finished his studies of creatures, things will become really cool with his character. Unfortunately there were some hints I threw in the bugbear encounter for a certain character (I won’t say who it is :P) which went unnoticed. Was kind of sad about that but oh well. I really enjoy that the group makes their own fun, instead of just trying to stick with the events that are occurring, unexpected events make it fun for myself as well :D Overall it felt like a great session, but I wouldn’t have minded playing a bit longer.

Memoriable Moments

  • Riv and Tannhauser causing a mini riot
  • Riv and Agnar arguing through the Inn walls about who had sex with the better chick
  • Ricorian developing Archophobia
  • Agnar paying for sex

(Exp for this session was 1337.5)


Perpetual Perpetual

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