Session 6

Entomophobia strikes the paladin!!

Quick Recap

Party heads back to Tamaran, city has become mostly razmarian. Bow of doubling bought and Bracers of Collision kept. Travel to irefington to get a boat towards Skull Island. Boon and Coek are both guarded by razmarian guards, the trade routes are being overlooked. Irefington is not a razmarian city. Lyra’s been seeing a dancing light every now and then.

DM thoughts

It was fun to get back into it. The world is starting to feel a lot more organic, the players are seeing the razmarian cult grow in game. There was a lot of laughing and fun. Mostly a role playing session but it was very enjoying one as a DM. The players have many options right now, great to see them making decisions. I really can’t wait until the next session! :D

Memorable Moments

  • Lyra joins the group by simply walking towards Tamaran
  • Buying a warhammer is hard work!
  • Tannhauser breaks 30 damage in a single round
  • Riv, the pyromaniac
  • Skull Island is totally a scary name
  • Burning a man inside his armor… (disgusting Lyra!)
  • Ricorian is officially diagnosed with Arachnophobia and Entomophobia (Insectophobia)

(Exp for the session 1412.5 + 40)

Session 5

Quick Recap

The heroes begin their travels towards the mountains, meeting and elderly man who can only see the blood through skin and nothing else. He is left behind as they head to the mountain. The heroes find a large pit filled with razmarian’s, rocks fall onto the characters, a golden mask is picked up, and a razmarian man was interrogated. The group learned that the razmarians were waiting for a person known as Vergio, and they were going to Skull Island once he came. Also the golden mask has something to do with Razmir himself.

DM thoughts

As a DM, I enjoyed this session. There wasn’t really any combat, and the party really has no idea where their headed but slowly things are building up. No further comments right now.

Memorible Actions

  • Riv tearing up a love letter
  • Ricorian causing boulders to fall
  • Riv’s wolf stealing a mans fish
  • Death by thousand cuts interrogation technique

(Exp for the session 1275)

Session 4

Arachnophobia strikes the paladin

Quick Review

The heroes scope out the church and Ricorian is not allowed inside until he joins as a member, they speak with Reginar in the Great Feast Hall. It is learned the government needs incriminating evidence before they will interfere. The group decides to find an adventure while waiting those two days to join the church/cult; foot wrapping vines with mud covered bugbears, a cave with children bugbears and a giant spiderweb behind it, and a 10 legged spider with 6 eyes, thorns that extend when hit, fangs that eject, spit glue, pull a person to the spiders mouth then bites and drops the person 20 feet!. Ricorian left with -8hp and bleeding out after the spider was killed. Some items are found in the cave, with a note that indicated Kassen’s treasure is in the northern mountains. The heroes decide the church/cult can wait, getting rich is more important and prepare to head North!

DM thoughts

The game as usual, starts of slowly. I’m starting to think everyone (including me) just needs some time to get into character and get into it, but once it started picking up it was great. The spider that almost killed Ricorian was much more exciting than I had expected it to be. It was meant to be a challenging encounter, which I feel it did it’s job. I think once Riv has finished his studies of creatures, things will become really cool with his character. Unfortunately there were some hints I threw in the bugbear encounter for a certain character (I won’t say who it is :P) which went unnoticed. Was kind of sad about that but oh well. I really enjoy that the group makes their own fun, instead of just trying to stick with the events that are occurring, unexpected events make it fun for myself as well :D Overall it felt like a great session, but I wouldn’t have minded playing a bit longer.

Memoriable Moments

  • Riv and Tannhauser causing a mini riot
  • Riv and Agnar arguing through the Inn walls about who had sex with the better chick
  • Ricorian developing Archophobia
  • Agnar paying for sex

(Exp for this session was 1337.5)

Session 3

A wild session has appeared

Quick Recap

The heroes are trying to reach the Capital, Tamaran. Instead of getting smuggled aboard a ship, they choose to take up an offer from some sketchy dude with an eye patch and a telescope. A big scene is made in the city, and the group heads to the area of the ship without the sketchy guy. On the way there, a squadron of hobgoblins fire at them from the trees. Riv sets the forest on fire, and Tannhauser gets one shotted from an arrow behind him. They defeat the hobgoblins pretty easily, but Ricorians suspects this was a trap. They find the boat, with someone who looks exactly like the mysterious man without an eye patch, and head towards the city of Tamaran! They convince a guard is responsible for the hobgoblin attack, sell his ship for 250gp, and the merchant turns the ship around for 800gp

DM thoughts

The combat with the hobgoblins took unnecessarily longer than expected and I may implement a rule where “after 1min 30sec if an action is not claimed the turn is skipped”. I feel combat should feel fast and full of action with barely any time to think. The encounter with Ricorian and the man was also quite long, though I understand it was necessary for the characters roleplaying. Maybe the the mysterious man should have reacted differently, when he saw how Ricorian was treating him he probably should have just taken the boat and gone, or something similar. Will adjust that for further sessions.

Memorable moments:

  • Riv the druid starting a forest fire
  • Tannhauser trying to hide a bush… right in front of an enemy and getting one shotted

(Exp for the session 550)

Session 2

Doesn’t matter, got laid!

Quick Recap

Party clears the crypt of the everflame, continously looking into murky water which shows disturbing images, a room filled with bats, bull rushing statues, and a evil bad guy! They light the lantern with the everflame and travel back to Kassen. A great party is had in the city, which quickly turns to sorrow when the town realizes their annual prank has gone wrong, and lives have been lost. Half the town travels to the crypt during the night, and the heroes learn about a church/cult in the city of Tamaran.

DM thoughts

Roleplaying is extremely fun with this group! Combat was kind of boring and repetitive, but this was just to introduce the players to combat from now own, most encounters will demand creative, or at least a non-linear method of beating them.

Memoriable Moments

  • Riv’s epic speech
  • The giant orgy of Riv and Tannhauser
  • Tannhauser’s rapid shot feat kicks ass!
  • The half orc’s loving heart
  • Ricorian trying to smuggle everyone on a ship for 50gp

(Exp for the session 1225)

Session 1

The Door Breakers are on the move!

Quick recap

The group travels through the first floor of the crypt clearing multiple rooms; pitfall room with pillows, giant beetle, crazy man shooting crossbow bolts, room with embering fire and incorporeal flying around, room of thousand arrows (blunted), sword swinging statues, tower shield wooden golem , table with very useful items and a room with half bodied bloody skeletons.

Second Floor; Giant frogs, electric discharging fungus, opening floor trap with 6 skeletons waiting at the bottom , and zombies !

DM thoughts

The session started off kind of slowly, not too much talking and every action was taking a while but it quickly started picking up till the point where Agnar was smashing through doors, they had checked all the rooms of the crypt and figured out how to get past the room of thousand arrows. Really enjoyed the session looking forward for more.

Some Cool Ingame Actions

“Agnar Smash”
Agnar pulling out a frogs tongue
Riv saving everyone from electricution
Tannhauser actually freaking out because he might die in a pit with water
Ricorian trying to steal a large sowrd and getting hit by it when Tannhauser activates the trap
Agnar likes zombie meat!

(exp for the session was 1726.25)


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