Session 5

Quick Recap

The heroes begin their travels towards the mountains, meeting and elderly man who can only see the blood through skin and nothing else. He is left behind as they head to the mountain. The heroes find a large pit filled with razmarian’s, rocks fall onto the characters, a golden mask is picked up, and a razmarian man was interrogated. The group learned that the razmarians were waiting for a person known as Vergio, and they were going to Skull Island once he came. Also the golden mask has something to do with Razmir himself.

DM thoughts

As a DM, I enjoyed this session. There wasn’t really any combat, and the party really has no idea where their headed but slowly things are building up. No further comments right now.

Memorible Actions

  • Riv tearing up a love letter
  • Ricorian causing boulders to fall
  • Riv’s wolf stealing a mans fish
  • Death by thousand cuts interrogation technique

(Exp for the session 1275)


Perpetual Perpetual

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