Session 3

A wild session has appeared

Quick Recap

The heroes are trying to reach the Capital, Tamaran. Instead of getting smuggled aboard a ship, they choose to take up an offer from some sketchy dude with an eye patch and a telescope. A big scene is made in the city, and the group heads to the area of the ship without the sketchy guy. On the way there, a squadron of hobgoblins fire at them from the trees. Riv sets the forest on fire, and Tannhauser gets one shotted from an arrow behind him. They defeat the hobgoblins pretty easily, but Ricorians suspects this was a trap. They find the boat, with someone who looks exactly like the mysterious man without an eye patch, and head towards the city of Tamaran! They convince a guard is responsible for the hobgoblin attack, sell his ship for 250gp, and the merchant turns the ship around for 800gp

DM thoughts

The combat with the hobgoblins took unnecessarily longer than expected and I may implement a rule where “after 1min 30sec if an action is not claimed the turn is skipped”. I feel combat should feel fast and full of action with barely any time to think. The encounter with Ricorian and the man was also quite long, though I understand it was necessary for the characters roleplaying. Maybe the the mysterious man should have reacted differently, when he saw how Ricorian was treating him he probably should have just taken the boat and gone, or something similar. Will adjust that for further sessions.

Memorable moments:

  • Riv the druid starting a forest fire
  • Tannhauser trying to hide a bush… right in front of an enemy and getting one shotted

(Exp for the session 550)


Perpetual Perpetual

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