Session 2

Doesn’t matter, got laid!

Quick Recap

Party clears the crypt of the everflame, continously looking into murky water which shows disturbing images, a room filled with bats, bull rushing statues, and a evil bad guy! They light the lantern with the everflame and travel back to Kassen. A great party is had in the city, which quickly turns to sorrow when the town realizes their annual prank has gone wrong, and lives have been lost. Half the town travels to the crypt during the night, and the heroes learn about a church/cult in the city of Tamaran.

DM thoughts

Roleplaying is extremely fun with this group! Combat was kind of boring and repetitive, but this was just to introduce the players to combat from now own, most encounters will demand creative, or at least a non-linear method of beating them.

Memoriable Moments

  • Riv’s epic speech
  • The giant orgy of Riv and Tannhauser
  • Tannhauser’s rapid shot feat kicks ass!
  • The half orc’s loving heart
  • Ricorian trying to smuggle everyone on a ship for 50gp

(Exp for the session 1225)


Perpetual Perpetual

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