Session 1

The Door Breakers are on the move!

Quick recap

The group travels through the first floor of the crypt clearing multiple rooms; pitfall room with pillows, giant beetle, crazy man shooting crossbow bolts, room with embering fire and incorporeal flying around, room of thousand arrows (blunted), sword swinging statues, tower shield wooden golem , table with very useful items and a room with half bodied bloody skeletons.

Second Floor; Giant frogs, electric discharging fungus, opening floor trap with 6 skeletons waiting at the bottom , and zombies !

DM thoughts

The session started off kind of slowly, not too much talking and every action was taking a while but it quickly started picking up till the point where Agnar was smashing through doors, they had checked all the rooms of the crypt and figured out how to get past the room of thousand arrows. Really enjoyed the session looking forward for more.

Some Cool Ingame Actions

“Agnar Smash”
Agnar pulling out a frogs tongue
Riv saving everyone from electricution
Tannhauser actually freaking out because he might die in a pit with water
Ricorian trying to steal a large sowrd and getting hit by it when Tannhauser activates the trap
Agnar likes zombie meat!

(exp for the session was 1726.25)


Perpetual Perpetual

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